INVT 8KW 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter XG8KTR

INVT XG8KTR 8kW three-phase on-grid solar inverters are Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Function and locate PV string faults accurately and automatically detect faults. Its Intelligent Detection Fault ac-side voltage and current waveforms were real-time recorded, fast fault location, when an arc-fault is detected the inverter immediately stops operation.

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The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR is a reliable and efficient solar inverter designed for residential and small commercial solar installations. With a maximum output power of 8 kW, it can convert DC power from solar panels into AC power for use in the electrical grid. Its compact design and advanced features, such as dual MPPT tracking and WiFi connectivity, make it an ideal choice for cost-effective solar power generation.

As renewable energy continues to gain momentum, the demand for efficient solar power systems has significantly increased. One crucial component of a solar power system is the on-grid inverter, which converts the DC electricity produced by solar panels into usable AC electricity that can be fed into the power grid.

Understanding On-Grid Inverters

An on-grid inverter, also known as a grid-tied inverter or grid-connected inverter, plays a vital role in solar energy systems. It acts as the intermediary between the solar panels and the power grid, ensuring efficient energy conversion. The primary function of an on-grid inverter is to convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power, which can be directly used by appliances or supplied back to the grid.

The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR

The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid solar Inverter– XG8KTR is a cutting-edge inverter that offers exceptional performance and reliability. It is specifically designed for large-scale solar installations and commercial applications. With its advanced features and robust construction, this inverter is a top choice for solar power system integrators and installers.

Key Features and Specifications

High Efficiency: The XG8KTR boasts a high conversion efficiency, ensuring maximum power output from the solar panels.

3 Phase Output: With its 3 phase output, this inverter is suitable for industrial and commercial applications that require three-phase power supply.

Wide Input Voltage Range: The inverter can accommodate a wide range of input voltages, allowing flexibility in system design and panel configuration.

Integrated Monitoring: It comes with built-in monitoring capabilities, enabling real-time tracking of system performance and troubleshooting.

Protection Mechanisms: The XG8KTR incorporates multiple protection mechanisms such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and anti-islanding protection to safeguard the system and connected appliances.

Smart Grid Interaction: This inverter supports smart grid interaction, enabling seamless integration with advanced grid management systems.


Installation Process

The installation of the INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR should be carried out by certified professionals to ensure proper functionality and safety. Let’s take a quick look at the installation process:

Site Assessment: Evaluate the location and ensure it meets the necessary criteria for installing the inverter.

Mounting: Securely mount the inverter in a suitable location, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Electrical Connections: Make the necessary electrical connections, including the DC input from the solar panels and the AC output to the grid.

Configuration and Testing: Configure the inverter settings as per the specific requirements of the system. Conduct comprehensive testing to ensure correct functionality.

Benefits of the INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR

Optimized Energy Harvesting: The advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm ensures that the inverter extracts the maximum available power from the solar panels, maximizing energy harvesting.

Grid Feed-in: The XG8KTR allows excess energy to be fed back into the grid, enabling users to take advantage of net metering and earn credits for the surplus electricity they generate.

Reliable Performance: With its high-quality components and robust design, this inverter delivers reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Cost-Effective Solution: The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR offers a cost-effective solution for large-scale solar installations, providing a high return on investment.

Easy Maintenance: The inverter requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs and ensuring hassle-free operation over the long term.

Industry Applications

The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR finds applications in various industries, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Solar Farms and Power Plants
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers
  • Retail and Shopping Complexes

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

To maintain optimal performance of the XG8KTR inverter, regular maintenance is essential. Here are a few maintenance tips:

  1. Keep the inverter and its surroundings clean and free from debris.
  2. Regularly inspect the system for any signs of damage or loose connections.
  3. Monitor system performance and address any abnormalities promptly.
  4. Adhere to the maintenance and servicing intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. In case of any issues, consult a qualified technician for troubleshooting and repairs.


The INVT 8Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter – XG8KTR is a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale solar installations and commercial applications. With its advanced features, high efficiency, and easy maintenance, it offers an optimized way to harness solar energy. By integrating this inverter into your solar power system, you can take a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Can the INVT XG8KTR inverter be used for residential installations?

No, the XG8KTR inverter is specifically designed for large-scale solar installations and commercial applications. For residential installations, INVT offers a range of other inverters suitable for domestic use.

Is it possible to monitor the system performance remotely?

Yes, the XG8KTR inverter comes with built-in monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor the system performance remotely through a web portal or dedicated monitoring software.

What is the warranty period for the XG8KTR inverter?

The XG8KTR inverter typically comes with a standard warranty period of 5 years. Nevertheless, it is advisable to review the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer.

Can the XG8KTR inverter be connected to battery storage systems?

No, the XG8KTR inverter is designed for grid-connected systems and does not support battery storage integration. For applications requiring energy storage, INVT offers other models specifically designed for hybrid systems.

Is professional installation necessary for the XG8KTR inverter?

Yes, professional installation by certified technicians is highly recommended to ensure proper installation, functionality, and compliance with safety regulations.

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