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SMA Energy+ Solution

The SMA Energy+ Solution ensures the most efficient use of green energy in the home — plus a storage system for increased self-consumption and lower energy costs.

  • Use self-generated solar power at any time.
  • Be independent from your power company.
  • Cover electricity demands with self-generated solar power all year round.

With the SMA Energy+ Solution, you can make optimum use of solar and environmentally friendly energy in your home – ensuring higher self-consumption and lower energy costs.

Advantages of the SMA Energy+ Solution

  • All energy flows measured and managed using intelligent energy management.
  • Future-proof communication (EEBUS) for automatic operation of washing machines, heaters, ventilation, air conditioning and many other appliances as well as electric car charging.
  • Flexible integration of various storage technologies as well as compatibility with all SMA inverters.
  • Online portals with details for solar power professionals and useful information for system owners.

SMA Energy+ Solution components at a glance

The Sunny Home Solar

Manage energy flows intelligently

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is SMA’s intelligent energy manager, which allows you to make optimum use of solar energy in your home. It optimizes PV self-consumption and significantly reduces electricity costs. State-of-the-art communication standards, such as EEBUS, guarantee smooth integration of all electrical generators and consumers in the home.
Sunny Boy Storage

Battery inverters for every type of battery

With Sunny Boy Storage, Sunny Tripower Storage and Sunny Island battery inverters, storage systems can be integrated into the energy supply system simply and flexibly, regardless of whether a high- or low-voltage system is used. The size of the storage system can also be selected according to the user needs and supplemented later.
Sunny Boy inverter

PV inverter for more solar power from your own roof

The Sunny Boy inverter from SMA always ensures maximum energy yields from right your roof. For the ultimate in convenience, the integrated SMA Smart Connected service automatically informs the installer in the event of a malfunction. Intelligent and cost-effective module technology optimizes yields in the case of shadowing or unfavorable roof orientations.
Sunny Places monitoring portals

Precise, transparent, communicative: monitoring with SMA portals

With the Sunny Portal & Professional Package and Sunny Places monitoring portals, installers and PV system owners can monitor and manage their PV systems and exchange information with other PV system operators.
future of PV systems

The future of PV systems

The SMA extended warranty continued full service — even after the SMA factory warranty has expired.