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Longi Solar

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Longi solar panel in South Africa

LONGi solar panels have the highest market value and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that have accelerated the solar industry with its advancements in products and improved monocrystalline technologies. It is definitely a leader in the solar PV arena. It is certain that it will satisfy the searchers of Longi solar panel in South Africa with its innovative solutions that come with great prices.

Rather than being another module manufacturer in the industry, LONGi makes its unique place by supplying monocrystalline cells that are the best solutions for high purity, still affordable monocrystalline cells.

About Longi Solar

Longi Solar is best recognized as the global manufacturer of mono-silicon solar panels. They are a preferred partner for highly efficient and affordable solar panels and the best choice for those who seek value-based solar power systems and Longi solar panel in South Africa.

Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials founded Longi solar in the year 2000. Its headquarters is situated in China and the core focus of the brand is to produce solely mono-silicon solar panels. It was in the year 2016; Longi has been renowned as the fastest growing solar manufacturer around the globe.  And it is quite a proud thing that our partnership continues to contribute nearly a quarter of the solar panel market demand worldwide.

Longi Group is one of the notable suppliers for mono-crystalline silicon wafers with an asset value of more than $1.7billion by the year 2016. Accelerated with the power of advanced technology and huge expertise in the industry, Longi Solar could accomplish better LCOE (Levelized Cost of electricity) solutions for both commercial and residential systems.

If you are wondering whether the Longi solar panel in South Africa is best for you, we have some good information about the brand. With branches in Japan, Europe, India, North America, and Malaysia, the brand has been giving a solid emphasis on Research & development, production & sales, and marketing of mono-crystalline silicon products.

Why Longi solar panels?

  • Longi solar products are some of the best solutions for those who search for cost-effective Longi solar panel price in South Africa.
  • Longi has achieved a high rating of AAA by PV ModuleTech. This makes the products from the brand a great recommendation for financially sound solutions.
  • Longi holds the pride of being a forerunner in setting new world records, especially in solar panel efficiency.
  • The DNV GL Top Performer award is considered as a prestigious recognition in the solar industry and Longi could win. It was 2019 which was the 3rd year in a row that the brand has won the award.
  • Longi was awarded TUV Rheinland 4 times and it’s the award that is provided for outstanding quality delivery in the industry.
  • They are a proud one among the 6 largest manufacturers of high-performance solar panels. The company delivers exceptional solar panels and for the distributors seeking competitive priced Longi solar panel in South Africa, it stands as the amazing choice.

Here at Power n Sun we proudly have the journey with LONGi Solar products.

Highlights of Longi solar panel in South Africa

  • You can expect a better lifetime yield with Longi panels than standard mono panels.
  • LONGi Solar is a Tier one brand name for solar panels and they produce panels with sophisticated solar technology inherited in their solar modules. This includes PERC technology.
  • With the PERC cells in place, you can anticipate high cell efficiency solar panels.
  • All the LONGi Solar panels come with also half-cut cell modules that increase the efficiency further.
  • LONGi Solar panels come with a 12-year limited product warranty that stands for defects and workmanship. The brand offers a 25-year performance warranty for Longi solar panel in South Africa.
  • LONGi produces 3 types of solar panels that cover the requirements for residential purposes, ranging from 355 W - 425 W.
  • Longi solar panels are capable of yielding higher energy in higher temperatures.
  • The brand is well known for its award-winning products. This includes the first prize in energy yield simulation for the PERC module in the years 2017 and 2018. And the company is the proud recipient of the outdoor energy yield of mono facial modules conducted by TÜVRheinland in the year 2019.

How does the half-Cut Cell module design of Longi solar make it stand out?

Half-cell modules of solar panels have their solar cells cut in half. This technology tends to improve the durability and performance of solar panels. These half-cut cell solar panels, or dual cells, are the panels that halve the internal current of the panel. Hence our Longi solar panel in South Africa gets you improved panel performance, durability, and shade tolerance. This means you will get high power generating, more energy-yielding panels with the same panel price and size, still they last longer.

Advantages of half-cut solar panels

  • This half-cut technology not only means cutting the cells into half but also reduces the overall Longi solar panel price in South Africa. And they also assure lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). Such modules with half-cut solar cells come with the capability of quick payback periods.
  • The lowered current in the halves of the panel generally has lower resistive losses and this improves the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Half-cut cell solar panels don’t have any impacts with conditions such as shade or low lights.
  • Apart from giving higher energy outputs, Longi half-cut solar panels are quite popular for their durability and thus assured for longer life performance.

At PowernSun South Africa, we are dealing with a premium range of solar products from leading brands all over the world. Longi Solar is our strong partner for high-efficiency solar modules. We always wanted to deliver our consumers with good quality, long-term valued, and high power yielding Longi solar panels in South Africa. We take pride in having the world’s best and most trusted brand for solar panels in the industry and we endeavor to be the most recognized name for innovative solar distribution where our products will be able to meet the exclusive requirements of solar installers and developers.


LONGi Solar is a world-leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The Company, completely claimed by the LONGi Group (SH601012), has been focusing on p-mono for a long time and is today the largest provider of mono-crystalline products in the world, dedicated to maintaining their leadership in devising mono-crystalline silicon products, conveying higher efficiency to the global photovoltaic industry, with total assets above $5.71 billion (2018Q3). Currently, LONGi Group plans to arrive at the 45 GW mono-crystalline wafer creation limit by 2020.

LONGi Solar's module shipment in 2018 was positioned to be among the top 4 in the world, and mono module shipment has remained No.1 in the world from 2016 to 2018. The Company has its headquarters in Xi'a, China and branches in Japan, Germany, America, India, Malaysia, Australia

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