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South Africa’s Best Residential Solar Inverter

How Does South Africa’s Best Residential Solar Inverter Help in Driving Maximum Power?

Do you like to get the most of the sun’s clean and unlimited energy? Then back up your solar panel system with the best solar inverter in South Africa. In fact, for those who like to enter into sustainable living, the power-saving solution of solar inverters is the need of the hour. Since these inverters come with a wide range of benefits, they are increasingly becoming popular all over the world.

At Power n Sun, we have a vast collection of solar inverters that are sure to support your eco-friendly project. Available as on-grid and off-grid, Power n Sun is well-known for its different types of solutions to use in solar PV systems. Indeed, we have carved the best name for a solar inverter in South Africa.

Smart Residential Solar Inverter Solutions From Leading Brands

Are you facing troubles with increased electricity bills? Then it is the best time to think about investing in the solar system. Moreover, for those who have issues with frequent power cuts, a solar system with an efficient solar inverter that lets you save extra solar energy in batteries is a viable option.

Solar Inverters are the devices that help in converting the direct current (DC) of the photovoltaic solar panel into usable alternative current (AC). While the solar panels transform the sunlight into energy, solar inverters take this DC energy and convert it into AC energy. This AC energy is the one that is useful in running electronic and household appliances. Thus Solar Inverter has a major role in a residential solar energy system.

However, how do investing in a residential solar inverter in South Africa help in saving electricity bills?

Know the best benefits of a solar-powered home here.

It is very clear that solar inverters are more than 96% energy efficient. One of the major reasons that make choosing a residential solar inverter in South Africa to power a home is its financial benefits. In addition to stabilizing the residential electricity bills, the homeowners also increase their value of homes. A solar Inverter, along with a solar power system set up can make all those differences in terms of the electric consumption as well in monthly electric bills.

Also, apart from the initial setup cost, the solar inverters won’t bother you with the associated maintenance costs. Thus by choosing power n sun and picking the right solar inverter for your home needs, you will be on the path to great savings.

Premium featured solar inverters for your rooftops

Our portfolio of solar inverters in South Africa for residential purposes enables homeowners to drive high power output with the necessary monitoring features. Know our various products that help you in getting clean and efficient power.

SMA Sunny Boy 1.5-40

This great pick from Power n Sun serves as an excellent choice for the house owners who desired to gain the most from small solar systems. Don’t you want any complicated layout requirements? Looking for an easy-to-use solar inverter with a new installation concept? Then just go for this SMA Sunny Boy solar inverter in South Africa.

This model comes with an innovative design and is quite easy to install. In addition, it also helps in achieving quick DC and AC connections. Wondering how it is possible? This is because of its weight of just 9.2 Kg. So, if you like to gain the best value for your investment, buy this innovative communication concept solar inverter.


Are you looking for a compact size solar inverter that comes with comprehensive software and hardware? GoodWe GW3000D-NS Single Phase solar inverter is the optimal choice. For the house owners, thinking about reaping the dual benefits of comfort and savings, it is good to bring home the power of the sun with this solar inverter in South Africa.

These DNS series single-phase Residential on-grid solar inverter is well-known for durability. This inverter is a perfect choice for complex installations. It is a very light weighted inverter weighing around 14kgs.

Solar Hybrid System 850

Homaya Solar Hybrid System is a product from the popular Schneider Electric company. It has been designed to serve the homeowners as the best backup power solution. It also does the function of lowering electricity consumption from the grid. Thus they consequently reduce the associated costs for the residential.

  • It comes with an in-built regulated MPPT Solar Charge Controller. This helps in driving maximum Solar Power utilization
  • High efficient battery charging helps in gaining non-stop power. As a result, you can save electricity and money. In addition, you protect the environment with the least carbon footprint with this solar inverter in South Africa.

Sofar 1100TL-G3

Being one of the leading string inverter companies in China, Sofar Solar is well-known for its quality solar products. This G3 inverter from the brand comes with a milky white appearance. In addition, it has a simple and generous design. Thus it brings to the homeowners both the modern science and technology in driving solar power.

The smart internal space utilization and optimization of internal space let the inverter to be very compact in size. Also, this solar inverter in South Africa is lightweight.

  • Can give you a high yield of 97.7% efficiency
  • For the purpose of max harvest, a Real-time precise MPPT algorithm is there
  • With a “Plug & Play” connection, you can enjoy the benefits of easy installation and maintenance.

SMA Sunny Boy 3.6-40

Do you look for extreme ease and comfort for a PV system in installation in your home? Then this is the best choice of solar inverter in South Africa for you. The automatic inverter monitoring system from SMA helps in analyzing the inverter operation. Therefore if there are any irregularities, it immediately informs the installer. Thus it is certain that you get optimum service and maximum system availability.

  • Easy installation
  • Simple system design
  • Compact size and lightweight of less than 16 kg.

If you are looking for new, innovative, powerful, and compact power backup solutions for your home, residential solar systems can help you. Make the switch to solar and go green with a wide array of products from Power n Sun.


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