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Solar Pump Technology

No life can exist on earth without Sun. Sun is one of the primary requirement for agriculture as well. Let us see in this article how once again sun has saved the day for agriculture.

It would not be an overtell, if we refer to Sudan as one of the most fertile lands in the world and Africa. Unfortunately, this fertile country is struggling to feed its own population. The agriculture in Sudan is affected adversely by many factors such as land disputes, Steep price hikes, political and internal issues. However, the most significant factor is the lack of good irrigation due to the shortage in Electricity.

Even though the electricity shortage in African countries is being faced with the help of Solar Energy, especially PV-Diesel Hybrid, poor farmers cannot afford the fuel prices and the battery prices in case of off-grid. When this serious factor was creating a turmoil in the economy and food availability of this North-African Country, the development of the VFD inverter, commonly known as the Pump-Inverter, caused a revelation in the farmers’ life.

The Solar pump system has an amazingly simple design and is affordable compared to the PV – Diesel hybrid and the off-grid systems. It has only few main components,

  1. PV Modules
  2. VFD Inverter
  3. Combiner Box (Only in rare cases)
  4. Cables and other connectors

These inverters are available from an exceedingly small rating like 3kW to 200kW. One average solar pump system can be used to irrigate approximately 20 to 30 acres of agricultural land. This is the type of solution the farmers were longing for. The area required for this system is very less as well.

Thanks to the efficiency of this technology, for it has very well reached equally among the farmer population and among the authorities responsible for uplifting the agricultural sector of Sudan. There are numerous projects of solar pump installations coming up in Sudan and other African countries facing the same issue.

With the irrigation issue being solved with the Solar Pumps, the agriculture industry is expected to pick-up in near future and Sudan is hoping to achieve its all-time dream of becoming an Agricultural Superpower.

Let us hope for the best for Sudan. After all the whole World is interdependent on each other when it comes to food and medicine.

Sun has once again proved to be the friend of farmers!!!....

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