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Solar Energy With A Powerful Partner

Tap Into The World Of Solar Energy With A Powerful Partner

The very obvious thing is that solar energy is the future of nations. However, you may have the question of why Power n Sun should be the partner for your solar panel in South Africa. To answer this, we have numerous reasons. This includes 

  • We deal with the leading brands
  • Superior quality solar products from best-known brands
  • Wide range of panels at affordable cost

Make your energy project come true with popular brands

Power n Sun portfolio has a comprehensive range of solar panels at the best prices. Do you want to invest in solar solutions without breaking your bank? Do you expect the best prices with top quality? Then we are happy to take you to some of the world’s leading brands for the best solar panel price in South Africa.

JA Solar Panel

Established in 2005, JA Solar is a well-known manufacturer for manufacturing high-performance solar panels. Moreover, the company is popular with its 12 manufacturing bases. Also, it has nearly 20 branches all over the world. The company has an excellent name in offering quality products, a strong industry reputation, and powerful financial stability. 

Due to its close co-operation with the local distributors, it is possible to deliver quality solar solutions. Furthermore, it also has deepened localized operations, just similar to us for solar panel in South Africa. As the brand produces almost 10% of solar panels around the world, it is renowned as the tier1 solar panel manufacturer in the worldwide market.

  1. JA Solar 535W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-535/MR

Here is the latest arrival for your solar energy products from a famous brand – JA Solar. The 11 Bus-bar half-cell configuration of the modules allowed the buyers to have a great power output of 535Wp. 

The module comes with the dimensions of 

Height - 227.9 cm

Width - 113.4 cm 

Depth - 3.5 cm

Weight - 27 kg

Additional information about the product

  • MCS Reference: BABT 8515-218
  • Efficiency: 20.7 %
  • Higher power output
  • Lower resistive losses and less shading
  • Lower LCOE
  • 12-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear power output warranty
  1. JA Solar 490W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM66S30-490/MR

Are you looking for a solar panel in South Africa that offers you high power output? Power n Sun will be in the first place of reliable suppliers. This JAM66S30-490/MR features better temperature dependency and a lower risk of a hot spots. In addition, your purchase is also going to have the benefits of lower shading effect on power generation and improved tolerance.

Know more here:

  • Assembled with 11BB PERC cells
  • Half-cell configuration modules
  • Although comes with you for affordable solar panel price in South Africa, still Module efficiency is 20.6%
  • 25 Year Linear Output Warranty
  1. JA Solar 540W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-540/MR

Are you searching for the best products that let you harvest the most sunshine? Undoubtedly, JA Solar panels from Power n Sun deliver you the best results.  The 11BB PERC cells allow reaping the benefit of power range up to 550Wp. 

Look here for the dimensions:

  • Length – 2279 mm
  • Width - 1134 mm
  • Depth - 35 mm
  • Weight – 28 Kg

Best benefits that come with this solar panel in South Africa

  • Efficiency: 20.9%
  • Besides less shading benefit, also gives higher output
  • Lower resistive losses
  • Lower LCOE

Longi Solar 

LONGi Solar is a prominent name in manufacturing high-efficient mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. As a result, you can expect the best LCOE solutions. Most importantly, the brand is well known to the energy world with product innovations and breakthrough monocrystalline technologies.

Founded in 2000, LONGi solar has been dedicated to maintaining its reputation in delivering higher efficiency products to the global PV industry. Longi solar is our loyal partner for Power n Sun in order to satisfy the needs of solar panel in South Africa.

If you look at the list of best quality solar panels manufacturers in the global market, Longi certainly will have the top place.

  1. Longi Mono Perc 540W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-540M

Do you know? Mono cells are widely known for their high efficiency, long life span, and better low light performance? Owing to the fact that these modules belong to half-cut Multi-busbar technology, you can have high performance and boost productivity. Moreover, you also have the advantages of lower space requirements.

Features of this cost-effective solar panel price in South Africa

  • High power up to 505W
  • Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy)
  • High-reliability panels with Efficiency 21.1%
  • Low LID mono PERC half-cut Technology
  • Slower power degradation
  1. Longi Mono Perc 535W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-535M

How about installing panels that belong to the most advanced technology in the solar energy field? This LR5-72HPH-535M is a relevant choice for you. Moreover, this is the module that is well-suited for both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. 

Along with the excellent warranty of 10 years replacement, you also have a 25 years performance warranty. Besides these warranties, you also get high-quality panels at a very affordable price from Power n Sun. If you look for long-lasting solar panel in South Africa, this is the right time to buy from us.

Product features

  • With the half-cell modules’ string current, the hot spot temperature is much reduced.
  • Half-cut cells consume half of the working current. Therefore thermal loss is reduced considerably.
  • Lower shading loss and higher energy yield
  1. Longi Bifacial Perc 535W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD-535M Bi-Facial

Compared to traditional solar panels, bifacial solar modules can yield numerous benefits. Since power can be produced from both sides of this module, there is increased energy generation. Thus this is an excellent choice solar panel in South Africa for your investment.

Key specifications

  • The amalgamation of half-cut cell technology & bifacial modules helps in enhanced gain over current reduction.
  • High module quality make sure that it has long-term reliability
  • Module dimensions: 2256*1133*35mm
  • Module dimensions: length – 2256mm, Width – 1133mm and Depth  -35mm, Weight 32.3 Kg
  • Efficiency 20.9%
  • High module conversion efficiency and high yield of energy

LG Solar Panel

Originally established in 1958, LG was very popular under the brand name GoldStar. In fact, it was involved in producing TVs, radios, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Indeed the brand name LG came from the two Korean Companies Lucky and GoldStar.

The brand has more than 50 years of experience in electronics technology. This global pioneer is now with Power n Sun to help you harness the power of the sun. Quality comes with affordability for you. Of course, Power n Sun is the destination for the best solar panel price in South Africa.

  1. LG NeON 2 N-type 60Cell - LG350N1C-N5

Ultimately, your search for highly powerful and versatile solar modules has come to an end. Yes, Cello Technology of LG with this LG NeON 2 increases the power output. Moreover, the new update of the module comes with an extended performance warranty. As a result of this, you will have high reliability and performance. 

Product features 

  • Aesthetically Attractive Black Solar Panel in South Africa.
  • High-efficiency NeON 2 monocrystalline cells
  • High power output per square foot
  • Due to its low-temperature coefficient, can perform well on sunny days 
  • Guaranteed production of at least 90.1% of labeled power output even after 25 years.
  1. LG NeON 2 N-type 60Cell - LG355N1C-N5

Do you like to increase the aesthetic value of your energy project with affordable solar panel prices in South Africa? Then look no more. Here is the modern designed panel for your valuable projects. The thinner wires that appeal all-black far away give the desired appearance. 

Physical characteristics and advantages

  • Panel Dimensions – Length - 1700.0 mm, Width - 1016.0 mm, Depth - 40.0 mm
  • Weight 18.0 kg
  • MC4 connector
  • 60 cell count 
  • 90.1% Output at the end of the warranty period
  • 93% Efficiency yield for 12years
  • 90.1% Efficiency generation for 25 years
  1. LG MonoX plus 120 Half Cell 370Wp - LG370S1C-U6

This 6th generation LG MonoX plus solar panel in South Africa provides excellent warranties. Compared to previous generations, you can expect higher efficiency from these panels. Apart from high-quality panels, they also give you clean and reliable energy for a number of years.  

This latest commercial range of solar modules from LG comes with a protected warranty of 15 years. LG is a brand of exceptional performance. Now, in addition to that, you can get a brilliant design, world-class engineering, and manufacturing.

Main features

  • Cost-effective solar panel price in South Africa for your commercial projects
  • Half-cut Cells in 120 Cell format that gives enhanced electrical parameters
  • Due to the feature of lightweight in the installation, BOS saving cost
  • LG Product Quality with great yield performance

RENEWSYS Solar Panel

Amid the ongoing demand for quality solar panels, we have partnered with RenewSys, the biggest player in the solar sector. The brand is renowned as the first and integrated manufacturer of solar panels and three vital components,

  1. PV Solar Cells
  2. Encapsulants
  3. Back sheets.

The company is a part of the Enpee Group that was established in 1961. In addition to manufacturing excellence, the company is also known for being the first Indian company that launch 5 Bus Bar (BB) Solar Photovoltaic Cells in India.

Due to its existing cell manufacturing capacity of 130MW and capability to acquire new lines at its fullest capacity, successful manufacturing is possible. Also, you can get high-efficiency solar panels in South Africa at competitive prices.

  1. RenewSys DESERV 3M6 72Cells 335Wp

These are high-performance polycrystalline Silicon Modules. They are best designed so that it can sit well in your requirement of on-grid and off-grid applications. Besides being known for being manufactured in India, these panels have the features of:

  • Positive Power Tolerance
  • Extremely reliable Anti-reflective coated glass
  • Snow Load 5400 Pa,
  • PID Resistant
  • Wind Speed 2500Pa

Product Specification

  • The most optimal choice for ground-mounted, rooftop, residential, and commercial applications.
  • Positive power tolerance makes this solar panel in South Africa the best output power performance delivering amid Indian modules.
  • Dimensions – Length – 1957 mm, Width – 987mm and depth - 40 mm
  1. RenewSys DESERV 3S6 72Cells 390Wp

RenewSys, an evolving network for solar panels gives you high-performance Mono Crystalline. Furthermore, these panels are BIS-certified Modules for the best. Whether you need an on-grid application or off-grid, this is the right choice for solar panel prices in South Africa for you.


  • Efficiency: 19.66 %
  • Certifications and approvals - IEC61215,IEC61730, IEC 61701, IEC 60068-2-68, IEC62716, IEC TS 62804
  • 25 years performance warranty
  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Most reliable Anti-reflective coated glass
  • PID Resistant

Power n Sun has envisioned a bright future where we receive an ample supply of solar panels from top-notch brands. If you search for a reliable distributor for solar panels in South Africa, Power n Sun is your definitive destination.

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