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Commercial solar inverter price in South Africa

How Does An Affordable Solar Inverter Price Bring Benefits To Your Commercial Projects In South Africa?

Are you ready to harness solar power and generate electricity? If your core purpose is to save on electricity bills, then spending on the right solar panel price in South Africa is a great investment. If your business finds it hard to afford huge commercial electricity bills, then considering a solar power system is the smart decision.

The continuous hikes in the rates of electricity make businesses look for alternative sources of energy. Moreover, there is a great awareness of the protection of the environment. Going natural is the viable choice. Thus solar energy is an excellent sustainable option here. Businesses have understood that solar energy is good for them. Hence they seek the best solar panel price in South Africa to enhance their solar power system.

At Power n Sun, we enable businesses to move to solar with a wide range of high-quality solar inverters. Also, we make it easy for businesses to switch to solar with the best commercial solar inverter choices. Moreover, we bring them from the world’s leading brands.

Commercial Solar Systems – Why It Is The Right To Consider Solar For Businesses?

Electricity bills are unpredictable and fluctuate with inflation. Furthermore, people have become more aware of the positive impacts that solar energy brings. Although solar power is growing, still there's a misconception that only large enterprises can invest in solar power. But this is not true. Despite the fact that affordable solar inverter price in South Africa makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of solar power, the adoption rate is comparatively low.

As commercial power is very costly, your monthly power costs may go in peaks. Here is where the significant value of solar energy comes in. With a solar power system, businesses can reduce their dependence on utility-provided electricity. Therefore they can have the benefits of reduced electricity bills.

You have to remember here an important thing. To speak technologically, an inverter forms an integral component in a solar system. Hence choosing the right solar inverter is very important for maximum benefits from the solar system. As we well understood, we offer an extensive range of high-efficiency commercial solar inverters. If you are looking to get great power from a reasonable solar inverter price in South Africa, have a look at our products.

  1. Goodwe GW8K-ET 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter

Goodwe has gained a strong name in the manufacturing of simple and reliable solar inverters in the past decade. The brand produces excellent ranges of solar inverters that best suit every application in the solar market. One such efficient product is the Goodwe GW8K-ET 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter.

This three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter allows businesses to have the best advantage of energy independence. Moreover, by buying at Power n Sun, you have the added benefit of economical solar inverter price in South Africa.

  • An export limit feature that comes with the system helps in maximizing self-consumption
  • ET Series allows up to 10% overloading which supports in maximizing the power output
  • With the fanless design, it is sure that the system will have a longer lifespan.

Looking for ways that let you implement solar systems easily and cost-efficiently? Then buy this product that comes with a solar inverter price in South Africa within your budget. This new and innovative SMA string inverter Sunny Tripower CORE2 offers you maximum flexibility in implementing commercial rooftop and free-field systems.

If there is more flexibility, you can have more power. So, this Sunny Tripower CORE2 is the optimal choice inverter for large rooftop and ground-mounted systems. Also, it makes the perfect choice for decentralized plant structures.

  • It has a premium monitoring service thus assures for reliable system performance
  • With ennexOS, you can expect complete energy management
  • Excellent efficiency of 98.6%
  1. SMA Sunny Tripower 50-40 Solar inverter

Are you in search of the best solar inverter price in South Africa for your decentralized rooftop and ground-based solar systems? Then stop here. Your search is going to end with Power n Sun this Sunny Tripower CORE1 SMA Sunny Tripower 50-40 Solar inverter. With the popularity of the first free-standing string inverter in the world, this Sunny Tripower product has revolutionized the world of commercial inverters.

  • Best known for its unique design that allows reduced installation time
  • With the 6 independent MPP trackers, it is possible to get optimized energy generation
  • Cost-effective solar inverter price in South Africa along with floor-mounted devices makes the installation easy.
  1. SMA Sunny Highpower (100kW) Peak 3

SMA is a popular manufacturer best known for high-performance commercial and utility-scale grid-tie system solar inverters. When it comes to inverters, reliability is the major determining factor. Considering this, Sunny Boy has had the best name of most reliable inverter in the market for a long time.

Peak 3 indicates that you get pure power for your solar inverter price in South Africa. Since the device comes with a compact design, users can expect the highest power density. Additionally, the inverter is lightweight and thus transportation and installation become easier.

  • Combined benefits of a decentralized system layout and central inverter concept
  • The optimal choice for industries looking for modern and future proof products in the energy industry
  • Custom-tailored features to maximize efficiency
  1. SolarEdge SE82.8K

Your intention of moving to the solar world was made easy with smart and best commercial solar systems from Power n Sun. Do you know the bonus benefit? You get it with a reasonable solar inverter price in South Africa. Solar edge is quite recognized for power optimizers that have revolutionized the way in which power is reaped as well as managed in solar systems.

  • Incorporated with a sophisticated digital control that enables reaching a higher output and supreme reliability.
  • Integrated DC safety unit that has a DC safety switch and surge protection (Optional). This removes the need for an external DC isolator.

Power n Sun has the vision of powering your commercial energy requirements with high-quality solar products. We have a range of best-known brands of solar inverters that makes your dream of going independent of conventional energy.

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