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Solar Inverters

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Solar inverter Price in South Africa

All over the world, there is great attention and focus towards natural energy resources, such as solar energy. However, a huge challenge in the renewable sector is the sufficient supply to satisfy the demands. If solar panels are said to be the power of a solar system, you can say a solar inverter is like its brain. When they work together perfectly, you get the most of the energy.

At PowernSun South Africa, with our best solar inverter price in South Africa, we make it easier to deliver the efficient solutions that would maximize solar energy.

Choosing the right solar inverters for your use – Know the types

When you decide to make your move to the solar system, you do the best step towards environmental sustainability. But there is one crucial decision that you should consider regarding solar system installation: the right solar inverter. The type of inverter you need and the solar inverter price in South Africa will vary based on the system required by you.

We have inverters for every application and by browsing our wide selection of On-Grid Solar inverters, Off-Grid Solar inverter, Single Phase inverters, and Three Phase inverters, you can find the favorite.

On-Grid Solar inverter

An On-Grid Solar inverter also referred to as a Grid-Tied Solar System is a kind of system that is connected to the utility power grid.

Key takeaways

In general, an on-grid solar inverter system does not need the use of batteries or any other equipment for battery storage energy. Thus it lowers the system cost and overall solar inverter price in South Africa allowing you to save more with better efficiency.

Off-Grid Solar inverter

Off-Grid Solar inverter or also can be referred to as a standalone PV system is the one as the name describes, it is disconnected from the power grid.

Key takeaways

An off-Grid Solar inverter is a good choice for remote places where it is not feasible to have access to the utility grid. Designed with battery capacity in order to satisfy the requirements of the premises, which means you can expect better efficiency even with less sunlight.

Single Phase inverters

Single Phase inverters are designed to convert DC supply to single-phase AC supply. Most of the home's single-phase power supply is commonly available.

Three Phase inverters

In a three-phase solar inverter in South Africa which is also called a full-bridge inverter, the power is transmitted through three different currents across the networks that are out of phase with each other. The three arms of the inverter are generally delayed to produce a three-phase AC supply by an angle of 120° .

Solar Inverter For Home

Before we make the move to know about the best type of solar inverter for home and the solar inverter price in South Africa, let us know why an inverter is important for a home. Power cuts have become a common scenario these days; still we hate the power cuts, right? It’s true that our lives have maximum dependency on devices and of course, we are gadget centric.

Hence we feel frustrated when there is breakdown in the regular power supply. So, what’s the solution here? Simple, just get you an inverter. Just imagine if you get the best of solar energy and get the complete back up power from a solar inverter. Solar inverter in South Africa converts the varying DC output into AC. It is considered as an essential part in a solar PV installation.

If you are the one who likes to save more of your money, then buying your home a solar inverter is a wise choice. This will reduce your dependency on the grid and let you build clean energy on your own for longer periods.

We deliver you better efficient and easy solutions for all your home energy needs with the best solar inverter price in South Africa. We always strive to make our great efforts in an environmentally friendly manner. We offer high-quality solar inverters for homes with a good warranty.

Solar Inverter For Commercial

Solar inverter is just like the heart for a solar system which generally consists of solar batteries, a photovoltaic solar panel and charge controller. Solar inverters have their wide applications in commercial purposes. When it comes to picking the right solar inverter for your commercial use, it stands as an important determination since you have to get the maximum value from the solar system. Although there are numerous factors that come in inverter selection such as solar inverter price in South Africa, its size, power rating, warranty, efficiency etc. you can be rest assured when you buy from Power n Sun as our experts will help you in making the best selection in the category of solar inverter for commercial.

Solar Inverter Sizes

You can see plenty of options when it comes to picking the solar inverter. How do you come to the decision which is right for you? What size of inverter can make the perfect choice for your particular needs? You can find solar inverters in different sizes and they are rated in watts (W)/continuous watts. Here, continuous watts tend to indicate the mean number of watts that an inverter supports indefinitely. The watts rating indicated along with the solar inverter price in South Africa generally will be similar to the system’s watts and that’s the right solution.

The inverter size required for your system greatly relies on the power requirements of the appliances that you have planned to use. For coming to a correct decision on what inverter size you need, you have to calculate the total of wattage you need. Now make the decision and choose a solar inverter in South Africa which has a slightly higher output. So, to be simply put, for right inverter sizing, you have to consider two major factors into account:

  • Size Of Your Solar Panel System
  • Your Electricity Usage

Power n Sun has helped many to go solar and we deal with the following inverter sizes:

  • 1K-10K
  • 100KW - 500KW
  • 500KW- 1MW
  • 1MW-3MW

We make sure that your choice is done with the right size so that you handle the maximum power output of the system.

Enables Great Power Efficiency With Leading Partners


SMA was founded in Niestetal, Germany in 1981. Renowned as the inventor of the first string inverter in the world, the brand could stand as the quality benchmark in the solar inverter for decades. Indeed, it sets the standard for renewable energy supply for the future.

You can buy products with the best solar inverter price in South Africa at PowernSun from the brand SMA, which is one of the most trusted names in the world.

SMA supplies photovoltaic solar inverters under the Sunny Boy name to the residential market, with the names of Sunny High power and Sunny Tripower in the commercial market. Sunny Central is the name for large scale solar inverter and utility-scale solar applications. Sunny Island from SMA is largely used in off-grid and battery applications.


Power n Sun is your best platform to get the best solar inverter price in South Africa for GoodWe products. There are wide arrays of solar inverters from the company that range from 0.7kW to 250kW and also come in both single and three-phase inverters.

GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese-based company and it was founded by JXT. GoodWe is a leading name in the manufacturing of energy storage solutions and solar inverters. The company’s solar inverters have been predominantly used in commercial systems, energy storage systems and residential rooftops, and this is possible from the brand with its 12GW installed in more than 100 countries and 16GW in 80 and more countries.

Sofar solar

PowernSun South Africa is an authorized distributor of Sofar solar and you can expect great deals of solar inverter price in South Africa with us. SOFAR is one of the top manufacturers of On-Grid and Hybrid Solar Inverter based in China. Sofar Solar is a division of Sofar Group and was established in 2013. Two manufacturing facilities of Sofar solar are located in Shenzhen and Xinyang, in China. The company specializes in production, research and development, sales and service of on grid inverters that come in the ranges of 1kW to 7.5kW for residential, commercial applications with 10kW to 70kW commercial and other solar products.

Power n Sun for solar inverter in South Africa

We set ourselves apart from the competitors by providing high-quality solar inverters and solar products. We just don’t stop ourselves from delivering the solar products, but we go beyond by building knowledge of the advantages of solar power to our clients and help them to make the right decision for their requirement of solar inverter price in South Africa. We remain a top choice for excellent solar products that help people in moving towards renewable sources of energy.



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