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Solar Panel

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Solar Panel in South Africa

Power n Sun is a leader in powering up the world with its distribution of solar panels and other solar products in South Africa. The eco-friendly advantages of solar panels turn the minds of many in South Africa to get into solar panel installation and usage. Especially after the dark history of South Africa, the load shedding process which deals with reacting to unplanned events to ensure the protection of the electric power system from a total blackout, a solar panel in South Africa is getting huge attention.

At Power n Sun, we strive best to procure world-class solar panels from the manufacturers who adopt state-of-the-art technology in their products and make them available to our clients at the affordable solar panel price in South Africa.

Choose your specific needs from our different types of solar panels in South Africa

As of now, we deal with the supply of three major types of solar panels, which are given in detail below. Just before you choose a type that suits your needs, we think it is essential for the buyers to know about them in detail. Hence, here we have broken down the differences among the types. This will help you in making an informed decision about which type perfectly fits into the requirement.

Polycrystalline solar panel in South Africa

Polycrystalline, which also carries the name of multi-crystalline solar panels, contains multiple crystalline fragments of a similar silicon material. These fragments of the material are the leftover pieces of the production process of monocrystalline. These fragments arranged irregularly are melted and then made into solid blocks before they undergo the cutting process into wafers.

Polycrystalline solar panels are found to have lower efficiency ratings, but the good part is these panels from us are cost-effective and lie within your wallet affordability. Our polycrystalline panels carry the appearance of a mosaic and are in a square shape. Since the panels are made up of several crystals of silicon, it often has a bluish tone.


  • Standard Poly Crystalline solar panel in South Africa has an average efficiency of around 15-16%.
  • As the cells of a polycrystalline solar panel are larger than monocrystalline counterparts, it may take up more space for producing the same amount of electricity.
  • Less durable when compared to other types.

Great advantages of Polycrystalline

  • Comparatively eco-friendly than its counterpart monocrystalline panels.
  • Despite the fact these panels have less efficiency, still, their low-cost aspect attracts buyers with a budget-conscious mind.
  • Can perform well in conditions such as high heat and warm weather.
  • The way the silicon wafers are applied to the panel leads to less wastage.

Monocrystalline solar panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are constructed from a single silicon crystal which is generally sliced into wafers. These monocrystalline solar panels have rows and columns of these wafers. Although the monocrystalline type is the oldest one, it is the most developed solar panel in South Africa. Most of our clients who buy monocrystalline solar panels provide us with feedback that they love these panels for their sleek look and highest efficiency ratings.


  • Slightly expensive solar panels as 50% of the material are found to be wasted during the cutting process.
  • Have slow degradation properties
  • The appearance of Monocrystalline solar panels is generally in black with white diamonds.
  • Comes with a uniform appearance, and the cells create a distinctive shape
  • 15%-24% is the average efficiency

Benefits of Monocrystalline solar panel South Africa

  • Conduct electricity more efficiently and capable of delivering better performances under high temperatures and shaded conditions.
  • Able to produce more power compared to other panels of similar sizes.
  • Best choice for smaller rooftops and fewer space areas
  • Designed to deliver maximum output.
  • Appreciated its good track record of durability.

Mono perc solar panel in South Africa

The term PERC is the abbreviation for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell. In recent years, these PERC solar panels are contributing one-quarter of newer solar modules and it is expected to reach 50% in the upcoming years. The popularity of the mono PERC panels is due to its feature of adding increased efficiency to the panels at a little extra cost. The efficiency is improved as the flow of electrons is increased, which in turn increases the reflectiveness of the back of solar cells.

Significant features

  • Higher power generation due to the aspect of the front surface absorbs sunlight and the surface absorbs this reflected.
  • Offers better flexibility in installation.
  • Cells coated with silicon nitride aids in reducing the glare from sunlight.
  • Most suitable for rooftop installations

What can you expect from Mono perc solar panels in South Africa?

  • Though it seemed to be a little expensive, our Mono PERC solar panels with their higher level of efficiency justify your investment.
  • A great choice for residential uses where there are space restrictions on the rooftops.
  • Lower degradation rated panels that yield long-term benefits for users with more electricity production.
  • Deliver outstanding performance levels even under high temperature and low light conditions.
  • Have durability and can give great results up to 35-40 years and more with good care.

Solar panel in South Africa grouped by watts – Various ranges offered at Power n Sun

Every solar panel is rated based on its DC output power obtained at standard test conditions, which stands for a typical value of 100-320 W.  Do you have the question of how many solar panels are needed for your specific use? Well, it is based on how much energy you are expecting, the usable surface area of your rooftop, sunlight in the area, the wattage, and the efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) panels you are going to choose.

The average daily energy use is the core thing that you need to calculate the solar needs. This will give you the number of kilowatt-hours you require from the solar system.

In general, the output of solar panels in South Africa is expressed in units of watts (W) and it stands for the theoretical power generation of the panels under optimal sunlight and temperature conditions. Most solar panels for residential purposes that are available in the market have power output ranging from 250 to 400 watts. The total wattage of a solar panel has a major role in the overall solar panel price in South Africa.

Though the electricity produced by a solar panel is governed by its rated power output, still the output of a solar panel in South Africa is also influenced by various other factors such as the size of the panel, its capacity, location, and climate conditions. At Power n Sun, we have different watts solar panels which are in the ranges from 320-350, 360-400, 350,360, 370, 390440, 445, 490, 535, and 540 Watts. We have a variety of panels that are designed to save your investment and are well-protected against power outages and load shedding.

Working partners of Power n Sun for solar panels

Longi solar

LONGi Solar was founded as Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation in the year 2000. The company has been started with the initial purpose of developing and producing mono silicon wafers which are majorly used in solar panels. LONGi is a leading name in manufacturing reliable, technologically advanced, and great value holding the mono-crystalline solar panel in South Africa.

As of now, it contributes to a quarter of the solar panel market demand and has the highest market value compared with any other company in the industry.

Features of LONGi solar panels

  • Value-based solar modules with high-efficiency standards
  • Better price ratings when compared with similar efficiency ratings.
  • Best efficiency solar panel in South Africa within your budget
  • Comes with an industry-standard warranty of 10 years and with 25-year linear performance.
  • LONGi high-efficiency cell technology has been awarded for its outstanding energy generation in 2017 and 2018.
  • The LONGi PERC module has won first prize from TÜVRheinland in energy yield simulation.

JA Solar Holdings

The solar panel industry all around the world seems to be highly lucrative and it is showing a significant healthy growth rate. There are various factors behind this upsurge in the industry that includes environmental awareness among people, tax rebates from Government, etc.  However, a substantial aspect to be noted here is there should be enough areas of delivering solutions to meet up this mass demand. At Power n Sun, a leading distributor of solar panels in South Africa we ensure the availability of sufficient product supply through prominent profiled players in the industry that includes JA Solar Holdings.

Founded in 2005, JA has a strong place in the areas of reliability, product quality, performance, innovation, and robust financial solutions. JA Solar Holdings has a reputable name in its industry. The company could sustain its dominant position in the market through its strong analysis and reviewing of SWOT analysis.  This SWOT analysis is an interactive process that demands effective coordination of several departments in the organization such as strategic planning, marketing, operations, finance, and management information systems.

Significant things about our partner for solar panels in South Africa – JA solar holdings

  • JA Solar is well-known as the leading solar cell producer in the world and it also has the popularity of the largest P-type monocrystalline cell manufacturer.
  • PERC cells from JA could have been delivering continuous improvement in conversion efficiency in the recent three years.
  • The company deals with impressive output-yielding panels that carry high-efficiency rates.
  • Offers better mechanical loading tolerance solar panel in South Africa
  • Products are less shading and prone to lower resistive loss
  • JA Solar’s new manufacturing facility located in Xingtai city provided with fully automated assembly lines has an annual capacity of 1.5 GW and adheres to the latest module manufacturing technologies. The plant has the potential of manufacturing 60- and 72-cell modules using high-efficiency PERCIUM cells.

LG solar

Previously carried the name of Goldstar, the existing LG Electronics Group based in South Korea is a well-recognized brand in providing consumer electronics and it has its branches in the United States. Besides the name of a reputable brand in the electronics industry, LG solar provides top-quality solar panels in South Africa to our Power n Sun.

Its high-quality panels make the brand become a consistent market leader in solar panel efficiency. The best-selling model from LG solar, as of 2020 include - 345W NeON® 2 Black Solar Panel with an attractive 20% efficiency, and other models 365W NeON® 2 Solar Panel comes with 21.1% efficiency.

Power n Sun South Africa always endeavors to deliver the best to their clients and hence is the reason we have chosen LG solar as one of our suppliers for solar panels in South Africa.  Besides offering sleek-looking and polished appearance solar panels, LG panels are also appreciated for their manufacturing with the latest technology.

What makes buying LG solar panels from us so good for the clients?

  • Great warranties are offered with products including a 25-year product and power warranty, a guaranteed power output of almost 90% for 25 years, and a power decline value of .4%.
  • Precise and high-quality control standards make sure that the solar panels from the brand are expertly built.
  • A significant six decades of experience in innovation and manufacturing in catering to various global markets.
  • The technological advances of the brand and its contribution to the solar industry have received the privileges of Intersolar Awards for Cello Technology and BiFacial technology.
  • Monocrystalline panels from LG offer outstanding efficiency and wattage output. This enables us to provide excellent quality solar panel in South Africa.


Located in Hyderabad in India, RenewSys deals with state-of-the-art technology to produce world-class solar panels. The range of solar panels in South Africa from the company is recognized for their properties of reliability and quality and they are being shipped to more than 40 countries around the globe.

The brand has a significant name in its niche for producing solar panels and the key components of the products include Backsheets, Encapsulants, and Solar PV Cells. RenewSys has planned to widen its encapsulant production capability to 1.35 GW per annum as well as back sheet production by 1 GW. The recent launch of mono-facial modules’ DESERV Galactic Ultra series from RenewSys into the market comes with 505W peak output and 20.17% efficiency.

Features of Solar PV modules from Renewsys

  • Designed to deliver maximum power output and potential to withstand tough and extreme environmental conditions.
  • A reduction in the hot-spot effect stands for the longevity of the products.
  • Galactic Series panels from the brand are perfect choices for smaller installation space and can yield a greater output per square meter.
  • Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, humidity, high heat, and salt mist.
  • Global Re-insurance is offered which speaks for the product quality and performance of our solar panel in South Africa.
  • Ultra HI and Ultra HV from the company can offer great savings on the land requirement and on BOS spends. This feature makes these panels amazing options for rooftop & utility-scale solar power plants.

Solar panel Price in South Africa

The solar sector is growing day by day and is becoming a promising field on a global level. Energy costs all around the world are high and South Africa is not an exception. This high energy rise is the stimulant factor in the wide popularity of solar panels. If you look to buy solar panel in South Africa, then there are few considerations when it comes to finding out the required number of panels.

When speaking about the solar panel Price in South Africa, the country has plenty of renewable resources. Although the region was dependent on traditional electricity needs on hydropower, now the focus is shifting towards the solar system to have a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to meet the emerging electricity demands.

What are the factors that determine the Solar panel Price in South Africa?

In general, a typical solar panel in South Africa is capable of processing 15% to 22% of solar energy into electrical energy. However, these estimated figures are based on aspects like its installation, location, orientation, weather conditions, and so on. To be put in simple terms, the amount of sunlight that a solar panel can convert into electricity is regarded as its performance, while the total outcome stands for the efficiency of the panel.

Solar Panel Supplier in South Africa

It is very true that no one wants to invest in solar panels that are not going to give a good ROI or are technically not good. At Power n Sun, as a top Solar Panel Supplier or wholesaler in South Africa, we understand that and hence the solar panel in South Africa we deal with will be the right fit both for your needs and budget. We make sure of the quality of the panels at the optimum level under standard testing conditions. Embracing solar energy can be a wise choice for both your electricity prices and the environment. So, if you are considering a solar panel in South Africa, we can help you in achieving the goal of making an informed decision towards picking the right panel.

Other solar products of Power n Sun

Power n Sun has a huge range of solar panels and other solar products that are tested and approved by the best in quality standards. We specialize in offering solar products for domestic and commercial purposes. As a comprehensive supplier of solar panel in South Africa and other solar products, our product portfolio offers a great selection that will meet a variety of needs of clients. Please look at below for our varied solutions.

Power n Sun eases your search of finding the right panels for your needs and saves your valuable time by procuring top-quality panels from worldwide partners. Let you make the right choice with the right supplier of solar panel in South Africa.



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